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The Healing Connection: A Partnership for Your Health

The weaving of the author's personal and professional life, along with his assessment of issues in the healthcare system, is masterfully handled in The Healing Connection. With a dry sense of humor which at times will bring you to laughter and at other times to horrified disbelief, Dr. Remignanti tells stories stemming from his 40-year career as a board-certified emergency physician and 50-year experience with a chronic autoimmune disease, involving 7 surgeries, 15 hospitalizations, and a major stroke at age 38. The book provides a research-based extended argument for the enduring importance of the patient-physician relationship which is currently threatened by its conversion to a more expensive and less effective consumer-provider relationship. Best pricing is direct from the publisher, which includes a free ebook version of The Healing Connection with over 250 hypertext links. 
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